SSIS: SQL Server Integration Services

SSIS stands for SQL Server Integration Services. The key power of SSIS is its data transformation and migration capability. The data extraction, transformation and loading are known as ETL and is a common term in data migration and Business Intelligence.

Using Microsoft SQL server integration services, we can help you effectively and efficiently integrate both Microsoft and non-Microsoft data sources to extract, transform and load (ETL) data across your key business data constellations.

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Is SSIS a Good ETL Tool for You?

According to many users, SSIS is the top ETL tool on the market. Users have commented on Trust Radius that it is ETL’s “best buddy for skilled SQL developers,” “terrific for ETL,” and many other similar compliments.

Still, is SSIS really the ideal option?

SSIS is ideal for developers and companies with large, complex data volumes. Developers working with SSIS typically use Visual Studio and write many lines of complex code with a big margin for error. While many consider it an excellent tool for ETL, there are alternatives that may be better depending on your needs.

SSAS: SQL Server Analysis Services – Analytics

Use our Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services to efficiently identify and build a wide range of complex analytics solutions to help your company quickly and effectively respond to changing business needs and market opportunities.

The Essenz LoVo Approach

Your Essenzlovo Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services expert will:

  • Review your needs and identify up to five dimensions with one fact table
  • Build one SSAS cube and deploy it for end users to access
  • Review data sources and potential data integration needs
  • Provide an overview of methodology and best practices for future analytics
  • Provide monitoring and performance support through our Virtual DBA service

SSRS: SQL Server Reporting Services – Reporting and Dashboards

Let Essenz LoVo support rapid deployment of the Microsoft reporting services, enabling your BI analysts to more effectively explore, visualize and report your company’s data. Enhance your in-house analysts’ abilities to translate the data analytics through Power View to better understand and communicate the trends and opportunities employed by industry leaders.

The Essenz LoVo Approach

Our Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services expert will:

  • Review the alignment between your data analysis and reporting processes to facilitate reporting that is cognizant of your company’s BI methods
  • Build key report examples that generate concise, dynamic data presentations on various platforms (PowerPoint, Excel) through the Power View solution
  • Review the compatibility between your SSAS and SSRS solutions, keeping in mind your company’s specific reporting needs
  • Provide an overview of methodology and best practices for future SSRS functionality

Microsoft Power BI

Fully automate your company’s reporting needs by scheduling Power BI  to run at the frequency that best suits your company’s needs, be it every week, hour, month, etc.
At the time of your choice, Power BI  automatically takes high definition screenshots of your Microsoft Power BI dashboards and reports, and continuously sends them as images or PDF files by email, to a SharePoint library, a file system or any browser.

The Components of Microsoft Power BI

Power BI consists of:

  • a Windows desktop application,
  • the Power BI Service and
  • the mobile Power BI app
  • (Only if required: Power BI Report Server for operation in your own infrastructure on premises)

How to Work With MS Power BI

First, you use Power BI Desktop to retrieve your data and create a report.

Finally, you share your dashboards with other people in Power BI Service – especially with mobile users. This allows them to see your dashboards and reports in Power BI Mobile apps.

Power BI Desktop

This is the software that allows you to establish the connection to your data and to subsequently model and visualize the data. You can transfer your data to Power BI from almost any available data source.

Power BI Service

Using this service, you can add the reports shared by the desktop client to a new or existing dashboard. This allows you to analyze all company and project-specific performance data in real time.

PowerBI Mobile Apps

This app is used to view and work with shared dashboards and reports in a mobile environment. It is available for iOS and Android. Thanks to the real-time reports and dashboards, you can always keep an overview regardless of location and time.

Report Server

The data are located within your organization’s firewall and not in the cloud. The Report Server provides users with access to data and insights as well as the reporting functions of SQL Server Reporting Services for companies – in a modern, local solution.

Microsoft Azure Services

If you’re looking to learn more about Azure, including how your company could benefit from it and best utilize its service offerings, you’re in the right place. This comprehensive guide covers the basics and beyond, from “What is Microsoft Azure?” to a complete Microsoft Azure tutorial video that walks you through some of its highlights—and much more.

Microsoft Azure Features

  • Multiple datacenters for data storage, which allows you to deploy a cloud service to different locations around the world.
  • Azure Site Recovery, a service that helps ensure your critical business applications stay online during an outage or disruption by replicating those workloads from a primary site to a secondary location.
  • Azure Traffic Manager, which automates network routing to different locations (predetermined by you) in case of a region-specific failure.
  • 3x data replication, which means all the data you store in Azure is copied three times, either to a single or a secondary datacenter.

Do you need help with your data project?

Our MSBI consultants possess exactly what is needed to see your project through to success from end to end.